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Kyoto2 in brief

  • Auction permits to extract coal, oil and gas from the ground. Likewise for other sources of industrial greenhouse gases.
  • Put the money into a climate fund to pay for mitigation and adaptation, with an emphasis on the needs of the poor.
  • Control emissions of non-industrial greenhouse gases (eg methane from agriculture) via regulation in the manner of the Montreal Protocol for the control of CFCs.

See also Kyoto2 summmary.

Who we are

K2S is a group of volunteers who believe that "Kyoto2" is the most coherent and comprehensive set of proposals for the control of greenhouse gases around the world. We are working to raise awareness of the proposals amongst the general public and, in particular, amongst key politicians, advisors, negotiators and opinion-makers.

Further information about the Kyoto2 proposals may be found on the Kyoto2 website (www.kyoto2.org), in the 'key reads', above, and elsewhere on this website.

What we have done so far

Nearly 800 "key people" around the world have received copies of After Copenhagen: a radical rethink (PDF, 123 KB). We have also circulated copies of  'Upstream' reform of the EU Emissions Trading System (PDF, 69 KB), mainly to people in the EU.

In previous mailings, most of the "key people" have received copies of Kyoto2: How to Manage the Global Greenhouse. In most cases, the book has been sent by post together with a covering letter, a copy of one of Oliver's articles, and a leaflet summarising the Kyoto2 proposals and its advantages. Follow-up letters have also been sent to most people on the list. And meetings have been arranged with some of them. 

At the "Breakthrough Ideas for the 21st Century" event on the 1 July 2009, organised by the Sustainable Development Commission, Oliver and John hosted a display stand about Kyoto2 and gave out many copies of our leaflet.

Oliver Tickell, author of the proposals, has written many articles about the proposals, given many talks, and has discussed the proposals with many people. 

We are developing a dialogue with some of the "key people" in a position to influence what happens in the UNFCCC negotiations.

What we plan to do in the future

We do have a strategy for promoting the Kyoto2 ideas, including various ideas for things we may do. However this is not cast in concrete and any further ideas will be very welcome.


If you would be willing to help with this work or have any questions, please get in touch.

Please begin the subject line with "K2S:" to make it easy to distinguish your valued message from spam.

COP21 pledges would prevent a 2°C path.* Ever!

It’s simple math based on the UN’s own numbers.

COP21 Paris Blocks 2C Goal
According to the UN report on Paris pledges, at best they will use up 723 out of a 1000 Gt CO2 budget required for a 66% chance to stay below 2°C. At 40 Gt a year, this runs out in 7 years. The red line stretches this to 14 years with a crash abatement program. MIT says that if the pledges work as expected (not perfectly), the red line would need to hit zero by 2040.

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