Key people

We have compiled a list of key people, over 700 in September 2009, that appear to be in a position to influence the UNFCCC negotiations -- politicians, negotiators, advisors, opinion-makers, campaigners, and more. The list includes all of the national 'parties' to the UNFCCC negotiations that are listed on the UNFCCC website.

A copy of the Kyoto2 book has been sent to almost everyone on the list. The few who have not received a copy are those for whom we could not find a postal address.

Each copy of the book has been accompanied by a covering letter. Here are links to the main letters that we have sent:
Follow-up letters have been sent to most people on the list. As of September 2009, the most recent follow-up letter (in August 2009) aimed to highlight how Kyoto2 can help overcome some of the roadblocks in current negotiations (with the latest version of our leaflet). We may not have a direct impact on what happens at Copenhagen but we may be able to influence what happens later.