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  • BL - border levelling.
  • CB - carbon budgets.
  • DV - divestment.
  • ETS - emissions trading systems.
  • IE - import emissions.
  • SFF - subsidies for fossil fuels.


6 DV Fossil fuel investing a risk to pension funds, says Ed Davey (The Telegraph).

3 Eating less meat essential to curb climate change, says report (The Guardian).

1 Bank of England investigating risk of 'carbon bubble' (The Guardian).


24 Public want urgent global action to tackle climate change (GOV.UK).

23 World bank to focus future investment on clean energy (The Guardian).

21 Farms could supply enough renewable energy to match 3 nuclear power plants (Click Green).

18 What it would really take to reverse climate change (IEEE Spectrum). Because CO2 lingers in the atmosphere for more than a century, reducing emissions means only that less gas is being added to the existing problem. Research by James Hansen shows that reducing global CO2 levels requires both a drastic cut in emissions and some way of pulling CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it.

13 China and the US clean up on emissions (The Telegraph). See also China-US carbon deal: A historic milestone in the global fight against climate change (The Guardian, 2014-11-12); China-US climate change deal a 'giant leap for mankind', says IEA (The Telegraph, 2014-11-12).

11 SFF Rich countries subsidising oil, gas and coal companies by $88bn a year (The Guardian).

2 IPCC: rapid carbon emission cuts vital to stop severe impact of climate change (The Guardian). See also The IPCC is stern on climate change – but it still underestimates the situation (The Guardian, Bill McKibben, 2014-11-02).


29 Enthusiasm over small fall in EU emissions masks underlying apathy on 2°C (

26 Global warming has doubled risk of harsh winters in Eurasia, research finds (The Guardian).

26 Climate change: Carbon trading edges closer as UN brokers deal (The Independent).

25 EXPOSED: How a shadowy network funded by foreign millions is making our household energy bills soar - for a low-carbon Britain (The Mail on Sunday).

22 Letter to the PM outlining how 2°C demands an 80% cut in EU emissions by 2030 ( See also EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 (The Guardian, 2014-10-24).

22 Weak EU 2030 climate deal risks nearly a million jobs, warn unions (The Guardian).

21 Divest MPs' pension fund from fossil fuels, says Caroline Lucas (The Guardian).

20 2014 on track to be hottest year on record, says US science agency (The Guardian).

13 Sea level rise over past century unmatched in 6,000 years, says study (The Guardian).

10 We can meet 2C climate target – and here's how, say energy experts (The Guardian).

10 Ikea kitchens help sell insulation to Dutch – and UK could be next (The Guardian).

1 Could the 2C climate target be completely wrong? (The Guardian).


29 How global warming affected extreme weather events in 2013 – interactive (The Guardian).

22 Climate change march: Investors pledge to take their money out of firms blamed for climate change (The Independent). The backlash against fossil fuels is growing so fast that nearly 700 financial institutions controlling £30bn of assets have pledged to pull their money out of investments that exacerbate climate change, it emerged yesterday.

16 Climate change report: prevent damage by overhauling global economy (The Guardian).


13 Dahr Jamail | NASA scientist warns of three to four-meter sea level rise by 2200 (Truthout).


31 IMF: Hike fossil fuel taxes and reap benefits now (RTCC).

30 10 reasons to be hopeful that we will overcome climate change (The Guardian).

29 Delaying climate action will carry heavy economic cost, White House warned (The Guardian).

29 IPCC climate change report's findings must be accepted, MPs say (The Guardian).

9 Fossil industry is the subprime danger of this cycle (The Telegraph).


24 Tackling climate change would grow global economy, World Bank says (The Guardian).

21 The coming climate crash (New York Times).

16 Climate change will ‘cost world far more than estimated’ (The Independent).

10 Zero carbon and economic growth can go together, UN study says (The Guardian).

4 Scientists vindicate 'Limits to Growth' – urge investment in 'circular economy' (The Guardian).

2 Oxford University urged to purge its £3.3bn fund of fossil fuel investments (The Guardian).


24 Greenland ice may melt even faster (Climate News Network).

16 UK's oil, coal and gas 'gone in five years' (BBC News).

6 Climate change affects us all. So what's stopping us joining forces to act on it? (The Guardian, Ban Ki-moon).

6 Climate change wreaking havoc in America's backyard, scientists warn (The Guardian). See also Climate change: what are the worst impacts facing America? (The Guardian, 2014-05-06).

4 Climate change is clear and present danger, says landmark US report (The Observer).

1 Why Treasury model is a flawed tool for valuing climate policies (The Guardian).


29 Fossil fuel subsidies growing despite concerns (BBC News).

29 Blackrock and FTSE join fight against fossil fuel investment (Trillion Fund).

20 First solar bread oven takes a bow (Climate News Network).

15 How to slow climate change? Target the 90 companies who pollute the most (The Independent). "... according to a 2012 KPMG report, the largest 3,000 companies by market capitalization cause some £1.29trillion of environmental damage per year.  All the climate action in the world won’t cost a fraction of this amount."

14 IPCC tries a gamble with shale gas (Climate News Network). Professor Howarth ... has written: “At the time scale of 20 years following emission, methane’s global warming potential is more than 100-fold greater than for carbon dioxide (Shindell et al. 2009).” Professor Jacobson described in Energy Policy in 2010 how he and a colleague had analysed “the feasibility of providing worldwide energy for all purposes (electric power, transportation, heating/cooling, etc.) from wind, water, and sunlight (WWS)”. He continued: “We suggest producing all new energy with WWS by 2030 and replacing the pre-existing energy by 2050. Barriers to the plan are primarily social and political, not technological or economic. The energy cost in a WWS world should be similar to that today.” See also Up to 1,000 times more methane released at gas wells than EPA estimates, study finds (Climate Progress, 2014-04-15).

13 IPCC climate report: a route map for civilisation's greatest journey (The Observer). See also IPCC climate change report: averting catastrophe is eminently affordable (The Observer, 2014-04-13).

12 UN urges huge increase in green energy to avert climate disaster (The Guardian).

10 We need an apartheid-style boycott to save the planet (The Guardian, Desmond Tutu). See also Desmond Tutu calls for anti-apartheid style boycott of fossil fuel industry (The Guardian, 2014-04-10).

3 ‘Forget the cost – tackle climate anyway’ (Climate News Network).

2 Globe UK launches globe natural capital initiative in the UK parliament (Globe International).


21 ExxonMobil acknowledges climate change to shareholders ( But see ExxonMobil not very concerned that climate change regulations may affect business (, 2014-04-02); Exxon Mobil's response to climate change is consummate arrogance (The Guardian, 2014-04-03).

16 Fears of faster rising global sea levels as 'stable' Greenland ice sheet starts to melt (The Independent).

11 Deal of the century: buyout the US coal industry for $50bn (The Guardian).

10 Richard Branson tells climate deniers to 'get out of the way' (The Guardian).

3 Tim Cook tells climate change sceptics to ditch Apple shares (The Guardian).

1 David Cameron must go green – and mean it (The Telegraph).


28 Global riot epidemic due to demise of cheap fossil fuels (The Guardian).

27 Global warming slowdown 'does not invalidate climate change' (The Guardian).

25 World begins 2014 with unusual number of extreme weather events (The Guardian).

18 UK storms a result of climate change, say nearly half of poll respondents (The Guardian).

17 Amory Lovins: energy visionary sees renewables revolution in full swing (The Guardian).

15 Ed Miliband: 'Britain is sleepwalking to a climate crisis' (The Guardian).

14 European Court finds UK in breach of EU law on access to environmental justice (RSPB).

14 The government has to act now on climate change (The Guardian).

14 UK floods making climate sceptics hot under the collar (The Guardian).

14 Climate change is here now and it could lead to global conflict (The Guardian, Nicholas Stern).

13 UK storms should be catalyst for climate change treaty, says Ed Davey (The Guardian).

10 Global warming 'pause' due to unusual trade winds in Pacific ocean, study finds (The Guardian).

9 Climate change: Weather of Olympian extremes (The Observer).

9 Met Office: Evidence 'suggests climate change link to storms' (BBC News).

9 Why global water shortages pose threat of terror and war (The Observer).

8 Severe floods 'threaten food security', say farmers and environmental groups (The Guardian).

7 Europe's 40% emissions cuts target has set the course for a low-carbon future (The Guardian, Connie Hedegaard). See also Analysis: Nuclear scores over renewables under EC proposals (Wind Power Monthly, 2014-02-10).

5 European parliament votes for stronger climate targets (The Guardian).

5 The internet can be a force for sustainability if powered by renewables (The Guardian).

3 Pro-green Tories challenge party's climate change sceptics (The Guardian).


24 Al Gore: 'extreme weather has made people wake up to climate change' (The Guardian).

20 European Greens consider challenge to UK tax breaks for shale gas drilling (The Guardian).

19 Unchecked global warming 'will double extreme El Niño weather events' (The Obsserver).

16 High-stakes climate poker (The Guardian).

15 Al Gore says use of geo-engineering to head off climate disaster is insane (The Guardian).

14 UN climate chief calls for tripling of clean energy investment (The Guardian).

10 David Cameron right to link floods and global warming, say climate scientists (The Guardian).

9 New research points to risk peak oil presents to business (The Guardian).

8 Geoengineering could bring severe drought to the tropics, research shows (The Guardian).

8 David Cameron 'very much suspects' climate change is behind recent storms (The Guardian).

5 The only sober way to run Britain's economy is to learn our limits (The Guardian, Andrew Simms).