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Reports relating to import emissions are marked 'IE'. Reports relating to carbon budgets are marked 'CB'. Reports relating to border levelling are marked 'BL'.



29 EU warns wasting environmental resources could spark new recession (The Guardian).

27 The business plan to stop ecocide (The Guardian).

21 International airlines will be charged for carbon emissions, EU court rules (The Guardian). See also Chinese airlines refuse to pay EU carbon tax (The Guardian, 2012-01-04).

19 The case for carbon pricing (Briefing note from The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment).

16 We need to design a new economic order (The Guardian, Caroline Lucas).

13 Tate may not renew BP sponsorship deal after environmental protests (The Guardian).

13 Europe has brought about a new phase in global climate policy (The Guardian, Connie Hedegaard).

8 European Investment Bank criticised for 'hypocrisy' of fossil fuel lending (The Guardian).

8 Kyoto was built to fail. It is time the world abandoned it (The Guardian).

7 Lord Stern: rich nations should stop subsidising fossil fuel industry (The Guardian).

4 New green alliance in savage attack on George Osborne (The Observer).


30 Coal study names top 20 'climate killer' banks (The Guardian).

30 From the 99% to the 1%: Osborne bails out the energy fat cats (The Guardian).

28 Canada makes Kyoto climate strike (BBC News).

27 Is a global agreement the only way to tackle climate change? (The Guardian). David Kind argues for bottom-up approach but says "I strongly believe that by 2020 we could arrive at a single and universally ratified system for carbon emissions reductions (as I think many would agree, far better to reach this goal later than not at all)."

23 Carbon emissions divide 'can be bridged' (BBC News). The UN report is here: Bridging the emissions gap report (UNEP, November 2011).

20 Rich nations 'give up' on new climate treaty until 2020 (The Guardian).

17 Stop the tar sands destruction – outlaw this ecocide (The Guardian, Polly Higgins).

14 The EU crisis demonstrates that free trade has gone far enough (The Guardian).

12 The real cost of keeping warm (Financial Times).


31 Why the world is burning more coal (The Guardian).

19 Senator Whitehouse’s must-see climate speech: “We ignore the Laws of Nature of God’s Earth at our very grave peril” (Climate Progress). Here is the video of Senator Whitehouse's speech.

18 Occupy Wall Street and the Next Economy: clamoring for solutions (

11 From Hansard: Ms Margaret Ritchie (South Down) (SDLP): I thank the Secretary of State for his statement. My constituents on the east coast of Northern Ireland have a particular concern about the decommissioning of nuclear plants because of the historic legacy of Sellafield and the cumulative effect of the indiscriminate discharges of radioactive waste over many years. They will seriously want to know why the right hon. Gentleman feels that the future nuclear programme will not suffer from the same problems as occurred in the past, in terms of the cost and of environmental safety, associated with the decommissioning of nuclear plants.

Chris Huhne: The hon. Lady asks an important and interesting question, because I am determined that on the new nuclear programme we should be as open as we can be about all the considerations. Anybody looking at our past historic nuclear programme would have to be shocked. The hon. Member for Hove (Mike Weatherley) has already mentioned the £100 billion cost of potential liabilities. On an ongoing basis, that means that literally 55% of the Department’s budget this year is being spent on nuclear clean-up. Perhaps it should be called not the Department of Energy and Climate Change, but the Department for nuclear and coal clean-up, energy and climate change. That percentage goes up to two thirds next year, so the ministerial team is acutely aware of the importance of ensuring that this never happens again. There are various reasons for that. I would be trespassing on Mr Speaker’s ruling were I to go on at greater length, but I will be giving a lecture on this matter to the Royal Society on Thursday, and we will try to arrange an invitation to that for the hon. Lady.

8 Fuel poverty will hit millions if 'affordability ceiling' is breached (The Independent).

7 Europeans fear climate change more than financial turmoil, poll shows (The Guardian).

4 US aviation lobbying 'will not change European emission trading laws' (The Guardian). The main thrust of the airlines' arguments was that the law infringes on the sovereignty of countries outside the EU, and is in conflict with existing aviation treaties.


21 World Bank: ditch fossil fuel subsidies to address climate change (The Guardian). See also Why the UK's hidden cash mountain needs to go green (The Guardian, 2011-05-20).

19 Why is Vince Cable fighting Liberal Democrat green policies? (The Guardian).

17 Climate change: who cares any more? (Financial Times).

16 UK 'set to miss' climate targets (BBC News). See also Climate check: an analysis of the government’s delivery of its low carbon commitments (PDF, Green Alliance, September 2011).

14 World's largest firms 'acting on climate change', analysis shows (The Guardian).

9 Hurricanes, floods and wildfires – but Washington won't talk global warming (The Guardian).

2 China moves in on Western solar power industries (The Independent).


9 BL UK shipping industry rejects EU's carbon reduction programme (The Guardian).

7 BL Bayer threatens to quit Germany over nuclear shutdown (The Observer).

5 BL CBI: Energy-intensive companies should be exempt from carbon floor price (The Guardian).

2 BL Manufacturers want £470m relief from green tax pain (The Telegraph).


25 Putting damaged land to good use Part II: coal to solar transition ( See also Putting damaged land to good use (, 2011-07-20), German mountains promise to store wind power (DW-WORLD.DE, 2011-05-25).

21 Climate change 'threatens peace', UN official warns (BBC News).

15 Sir David King: world should abandon Kyoto protocol on climate change (The Guardian).

12 Unburnable carbon – are the world’s financial markets carrying a carbon bubble? (Carbon Tracker).

10 Carbon tax and emissions trading: how countries compare (The Guardian).

10 Gillard puts future on the line with radical plan for Australian carbon tax (The Guardian). See also Australia's carbon tax is a brave start by a government still gripped by fear (The Guardian, 2011-07-10); Australian government unveils radical carbon tax plan (The Guardian, 2011-07-10).

6 China commentary slams E.U. airline CO2 scheme (EcoSeed).

1 Europe and US in legal clash over airline emissions (AlertNet).


29 Google: delaying clean energy transition "only 5 years could leave trillions on the table" (

21 CB Tory MEPs defy David Cameron over greenhouse gas targets (The Guardian).

19 Europe's top industrial firms have a cache of 240m pollution permits (The Guardian).

16 CB UK steel and chemical industries could be driven out of Britain if Coalition doesn't axe some green taxes, claims CBI boss (Mail Online).

6 China threatens trade war over EU emissions trading scheme (The Guardian).

5 Climate change: self-interest may save us (The Guardian).

5 European airlines fear trade war over carbon emissions trading (The Guardian). Walsh has called for a global emissions trading scheme for airlines and urged the EU to implement a compromise in the meantime.

5 Global warming crisis may mean world has to suck greenhouse gases from air (The Guardian). Figueres told the Guardian in an interview that governments should act now to save money: "We add $1 trillion to the cost [of tackling climate change] with every year of delay."

3 When energy-saving does not mean saving energy (The Guardian).

1 World Bank warns of 'failing' international carbon market (The Guardian).

1 10 steps to tackle climate change (The Guardian, Andrew Simms).


30 Global warming: bleaker and bleaker (The Guardian, Editorial).

26 Biden says U.S. will lead energy revolution (

22 CB Coalition's climate battle is both victory gained and disaster averted (The Guardian, Damian Carrington). Relaxation of budget for high-emissions businesses: "Hand-outs to console intensive energy users, such as steel and cement makers, would be laughable, given they have grown rich from carbon pollution permits and make up a tiny fraction of the national economy."

17 CB UK proposes fourth carbon budget (DECC press release). Relaxation of budget for high-emissions businesses: "The package announced today also includes measures to minimise costs of the low-carbon transition to industries exposed to international competition."

14 CB Historic climate change deal with legal powers agreed by Cabinet (The Guardian).

12 CB A letter from Ed Miliband to David Cameron on the carbon budget row (The Guardian).

12 CB How David Cameron could score points from carbon budget row (The Guardian).

12 CB Ed Miliband appeals to David Cameron over carbon budget row (The Guardian).

11 CB Cameron must intervene in carbon row, say businesses and campaigners (The Guardian).

CB Huhne must be firm on climate change (The Guardian, Andy Atkins).

CB Government's climate adviser steps in to carbon budget row (The Guardian).

10 CB Cable v Huhne – why the friendly fire? (The Guardian).

9 CB Vince Cable and Chris Huhne clash over carbon emissions (The Guardian).

2 CB Connie Hedegaard seeks renewable energy targets for 2030 (The Guardian). An official in the department of Günther Oettinger, the EU commissioner for energy, said no targets were yet needed beyond 2020. He is also against raising the current emissions-cutting target from 20% by 2020 to 30%, as some member states – including the UK, France and Germany – have proposed.

IE Carbon accounting system is mad as a hatter (The Guardian, Andrew Simms).

International carbon flows (Carbon Trust).

1 Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1% (Vanity Fair, Joseph Stiglitz).


27 Pain at the pump? We need more (The New York Times).

25 IE Carbon emissions 'hidden' in imported goods revealed (BBC News). Reports from CICERO (in the Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences) and Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC). See also International trade may offset reported carbon emission reductions (Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo, CICERO, 2011-04-25).

22 Electricity firms get £100m for nothing (Daily Telegraph).

10 Study: Gas from ‘fracking’ worse than coal on climate (The Hill).

7 EU Emissions Trading System: failing at the third attempt (Corporate Europe Observatory press release). The briefing itself may be downloaded from EU Emissions Trading System: failing at the third attempt (PDF, 372 KB, Corporate Europe Observatory, Carbon Trade Watch, April 2011).

5 Doctors urged to take climate leadership role (The Guardian).


23 Obama administration announces massive coal mining expansion (Grist).

8 CB Connie Hedegaard wins battle for 25% carbon emissions cut (The Guardian). The extent of business lobbying on the subject has been evident due to the companies that Guenther Oettinger, the EU's energy commissioner, has met with in recent weeks. Oettinger firmly opposes raising the 20% target, having told the Guardian that tougher targets would lead to the "faster de-industrialisation" of Europe.

Oettinger met representatives of Eurelectric, the association of the European electric industry; Geode, an association of electricity distributors; the chief executives of the European Chemical Industry Council; OMV AG, Austria's biggest oil producer; and several other companies known to be hostile to the higher target. By contrast, he had only a handful of meetings with low-carbon supporters, including one with a German state agency for electric vehicles.

7 China ready to quell disquiet over new environmental policies (The Guardian).


28 China to slow GDP growth in bid to curb emissions (The Guardian).

24 Germany's coal own goal over carbon permits (New Scientist). Perverse incentives have led to the building of new coal-fired power stations in Germany. Also "The European Commission ... says that despite the dash for coal in Germany, the carbon trading scheme remains successful overall, with a fall in CO2 emissions in 2009 of 11 per cent across the EU compared with 2008."

24 Models guiding climate policy are 'dangerously optimistic' (The Guardian). Prof Kevin Anderson. See also Environmental Research Web, 2011-02-24.

22 Could the rebound effect undermine climate efforts? (The Guardian). See the report Energy emergence: rebound and backfire as emergent phenomena (PDF, February 2011) from the Breakthrough Institute, and also Green idealists fail to make grade, says study (The Guardian, 2008-09-24).

21 Climate change no problem, says futurist Ray Kurzweil (The Guardian).

21 Green economy needs 2% of every nation's income, says UN (The Guardian).

20 European Union faces legal action over fraudulent carbon emissions trading (The Guardian).

10 CB Hopes of 30% cut in greenhouse emissions dashed (The Guardian). Günther Oettinger, the EU's energy commissioner, dealt a heavy blow to the hopes of several member states that have been pressing for a target of slashing emissions by 30% by 2020, against the current 20%.

He said the tougher target would force industries to move to Asia. "If we go alone to 30%, you will only have a faster process of de-industrialisation in Europe," he said, citing the steel industry as one of the likely casualties. "I think we need industry in Europe, we need industry in the UK, and industry means CO2 emissions."

Europe could only adopt a tougher target if other major economies were also willing to do so, he said. "We are willing to go to 30 % if big global partners will follow us, but if not we won't."

8 IE The UK must own up to the full scale of its emissions problem (The Guardian). By Guy Shrubsole (Director of the Public Interest Research Centre) and Alex Randall.

7 Decc surpasses 10:10 pledge to cut emissions by 10% in 2010 (The Guardian).


30 What is carbon trading? (Daily Telegraph). The practice of carbon trading has been fraught with problems.

26 Britain faces petrol rationing (Daily Express). Report from the Institute for Public Policy Research.

21 Updated: EU bans industrial gas carbon credits (Business Green).

19 European carbon market suspended over fraud fears (Daily Telegraph). See also EU says 2 million emissions permits missing after theft (Wall Street Journal, 2011-01-20), Cyber-theft halts EU emissions trading (Financial Times, 2011-01-19), Hacking theft forces EU to suspend carbon registries (Bloomberg Business Week).

18 Geothermal energy: All the benefits of nuclear - but none of the problems (The Guardian, Damian Carrington).

17 Europe must ban flawed carbon credits (The Guardian, Damian Carrington).

12 Military v climate spending: How China outguns the US on clean energy (The Guardian).



21 Why Bolivia stood alone in opposing the Cancún climate agreement (The Guardian).

20 California enacts new cap and trade program (

20 That snow outside is what global warming looks like (The Guardian, George Monbiot).

16 Reckless gamblers (Friends of the Earth press release). Friends of the Earth today launched a new report: Reckless Gamblers - How politicians' inaction is ramping up the risk of dangerous climate change (PDF).

15 Climate change calculations put millions at risk, says new report (The Guardian).

13 ‘Perverse’ carbon payments send flood of money to China (Environment 360).

13 UK must shake off the dominance of the energy giants (UTV News). Catherine Mitchell: "It is simply not in the interests of the handful of dominant energy companies and their shareholders to dramatically transform the energy system, whether on the supply or demand side. In particular, an increase in the energy efficiency of buildings will undermine a company's future sales and profits. Only when the government confronts head-on the interests in maintaining the system largely as it is, will the energy system change."

12 Cancún agreement rescues UN credibility but falls short of saving planet (The Guardian). See also Global conference agrees deal to cut pollution (The Herald, 2010-12-12).

7 Committee on Climate Change advises UK to cut emissions 60% by 2030 (The Guardian).


29 Cancun climate change summit: scientists call for rationing in developed world (Daily Telegraph).

9 Coal India IPO shows the mountain we have to climb (The Guardian). Article by Jeremy Leggett.


10 EU emissions trading scheme on course to make tiny savings, says report (The Guardian). The report itself is Cap or trap? (PDF).

10 Surprise, surprise, China is promoting its clean tech industry! (

10 EU emissions trading scheme on course to make tiny savings, says report (The Guardian).

5 Winning the war on cars: how ministers plan to cut climate pollution (Sunday Herald). See also Collision course (Herald, 2010-09-06).

3 Coalition to extend green retrofit scheme to offices (

3 IE Openness urged on UK's emissions (BBC News). "Robert Watson says that if emissions "embedded" in imported goods are counted, UK emissions are up, not down. ... Prof Watson accepts that it will be hard to find a different metric than the current system."


30 Bjørn Lomborg: $100bn a year needed to fight climate change (The Guardian). See also Bjørn Lomborg: the dissenting climate change voice who changed his tune (The Guardian, 2010-08-30) and Bjørn Lomborg: in his own words (The Guardian, 2010-08-30).

26 Am I an activist for caring about my grandchildren's future? I guess I am (The Guardian, James Hansen). Article includes plea for Fee and Dividend.

14 In weather chaos, a case for global warming (New York Times).

10 The crack in the roof of the world: 'Yes, global warming is real - and deeply worrying' (Daily Mail).

4 Climate deal loopholes 'make farce' of rich nations' pledges (The Guardian).


19 Britain trails China in dash to low-carbon economy, warns Tim Yeo (The Guardian). Tim Yeo calls for Personal Carbon Trading.

15 Joint EU climate change article by Chris Huhne, Dr Norbert Röttgen and Jean-Louis Borloo (DECC). See also Huhne makes European push on climate change (DECC press release, 2010-07-15). "UK, France and Germany push for 30% emissions cut."


29 UK must take radical action to meet climate change targets, watchdog warns (Daily Telegraph). See also Emission cuts threatened by economic recovery (The Independent, 2010-06-30) and Advisors urge new UK climate policies (BBC News, 2010-06-29).

28 The electrifying pace of wind power development in China (

25 The Clean Development Mechanism projects in the Philippines: costly, dirty, money-making schemes (Focus on the Global South).

14 CDM critics demand investigation of suspect offsets (New York Times). See also UN issues false carbon credits, says CDM watchdog (NewNet, 2010-06-14).


26 EU stops short of recommending 30% cut in emissions by 2020 (The Guardian).

11 Climate guru: US bill or not, the green economy is on track (EurActiv).

6 Leading scientists condemn 'political assaults' on climate researchers (The Guardian).

5 IE Carbon calculator reveals Labour and Tory policy as science fiction (The Guardian, George Monbiot). Import emissions and construction not counted.


27 Cash from EU green plan 'to fund dirty coal plants' (The Independent).

24 People’s agreement of Cochabamba (World Peoples' Conference on Climate Change).

15 Study: Half of warming heat missing (MSNBC). 'Will come back to haunt us,' researcher says.

13 Europe’s energy in 2050: Cutting CO2 by 80% no more expensive than business as usual (Financial Times).

9 Climate change treaty 'more urgent than ever' (BBC News).


31 Government kick-starts renewed push for global climate deal (press release from DECC). The report may be downloaded via Beyond Copenhagen: the UK Government’s international climate change action plan (PDF, 1.4 MB).

23 Nicolas Sarkozy under fire after carbon tax plan shelved (The Guardian).

18 Deutsche Bank’s Koch-Weser urges redesign of UN carbon market (Business Week).

16 UN climate envoy expects dual-track negotiations (The Washington Post).

15 Energy bills to go up with tough EU clampdown on greenhouse gas emissions (The Times).

11 China unsure on warming cause, to stick with CO2 cuts (Reuters).

10 EU to tackle CO2 loopholes (Planet Ark).

10 China and India endorse Copenhagen climate deal (Planet Ark).

8 IE UK import emissions are the highest in Europe, figures show (The Guardian). See also China's increasing carbon emissions blamed on manufacturing for west (The Guardian, 2009-02-23) and UK's official CO2 figures an illusion - study (The Guardian, 2007-12-10).

5 Steel, cement to cash free emission permit billions (Euractiv). See also The carbon rich list: the companies profiting from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (PDF, Sandbag).

5 Methane releases from Arctic shelf may be much larger and faster than anticipated (Science Daily).

4 The wrong kind of green (The Nation). Corruption in "green" NGOs.

3 EU carbon trading windfalls under fire from Lord Turner (Daily Telegraph).


23 CLEARing the Air (ISN). US developments with Cap and Dividend.

12 Climate change sceptics 'playing Russian roulette with planet' (Daily Telegraph). See also Climate sceptics ‘are playing Russian roulette with planet' (Daily Express, 2010-02-13), Climate change Russian roulette (The Guardian, 2009-12-03, Mikhail Gorbachev), 'Climate sceptics are playing Russian roulette with own children' – Prince Charles (The Scotsman, 2010-02-05).

9 World's first personal carbon credit earns $17 cashback for one tonne of carbon dioxide (The Guardian).

8 The case for climate action must be remade from the ground upwards (The Guardian).

8 MPs propose carbon tax to boost green investment (The Guardian).

7 Branson warns that oil crunch is coming within five years (The Guardian).

7 End tax breaks for polluters to cut budget deficit, thinktank urges (The Guardian).

7 Climate scepticism grows among Tories (The Observer).

7 Think-tanks take oil money and use it to fund climate deniers (The Independent).

3 IE Imports mean UK emissions are up not down (New Scientist).

1 55 countries send UN their carbon-curbing plans (BBC News).


30 Climate: the long and winding road after Copenhagen (The Independent).

25 Don't let the carbon market die (The Guardian, Oliver Tickell).

14 UN should be sidelined in future climate talks, says Obama official (The Guardian).

1 Government must 'green economy and create jobs' FSA chief says (The Guardian).



27 Copenhagen has given us the chance to face climate change with honesty (The Observer, James Hansen).

22 How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room (The Guardian, Mark Lynas).

21 Munich RE’s CEO, Nikolaus von Bomhard stunned by Copenhagen outcome (Munich Re press release).

20 MONDAY VIEW BY SAM LAIDLAW: Cutting carbon emissions needs the right climate (Daily Mail).

20 David King: There is a way ahead after Copenhagen (The Independent on Sunday). "In my view we need a fully global cap and trade scheme that puts a single, high price on carbon's head." - but still in a "downstream" framework.

20 China stands accused of wrecking global deal (The Independent on Sunday).

18 Climate negotiators tackle issue of aviation, shipping emissions (Los Angeles Times).

18 Copenhagen negotiators bicker and filibuster while the biosphere burns (The Guardian, George Monbiot).

18 'Meaningful' deal reached at Copenhagen climate summit (BBC News).

17 From Copenhagen: renewable energy gets boost as climate talks stall (

16 Loopholes in climate deal could render it useless (New Scientist).

16 OPEC opposes carbon taxes -Algeria oil minister (

15 In Copenhagen, ‘To be elaborated’ is a stalemate (The New York Times).

15 US pledges $85m to support developing nations' clean tech projects (

14 Copenhagen stalls decision on catastrophic climate change for six years (The Times).

13 Wind farms for security not the climate, says E.ON Renewables chief executive Frank Mastiaux (Daily Telegraph).

8 Copenhagen climate summit in disarray after 'Danish text' leak (The Guardian).

7 US to regulate greenhouse gas emissions (BBC News).

3 Big savers got us into this mess, as well as big spenders (The Guardian).

2 Copenhagen climate summit (The Guardian).

1 Global emissions exceeding 'carbon budget', PwC study finds (The Guardian).


29 Climate change denier Nick Griffin to represent EU at Copenhagen (The Observer).

9 Carbon ration account for all proposed by Environment Agency (The Times).

7 Lifting the lid on climate change talks (The Guardian).

5 Carbon traders deny sub-prime crisis brewing (Daily Telegraph).


31 Methane’s impact on global warming far higher than previously thought (The Times). Comment: if methane is more significant than previously thought, this argues in favour of schemes like Kyoto2 which provide for the control of all greenhouse gases, and are not simply restricted to CO2.


30 $100bn a year for climate safety (BBC News). This is about a World Bank report.

18 The world's future is being decided this weekend (The Observer). Article by Nicholas Stern.


26 Focus on the dreams, not the nightmares (The Times, Anthony Giddens). Describes "Giddens Paradox" and the need to focus on the positives rather than the negatives of climate change. Describes politicians' preference for rhetoric over action, especially on short timescales.
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